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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Brussels-Capital Region, you are currently entitled to a tax reduction of € 1.50 on each of the first 163 service vouchers purchased per person. Find out how it works, whether you are a simple user, a household or someone with little or no taxable income.

Pluxee tax certificates are sent:

  • By e-mail (if your e-mail address is mentioned in your file)
  • By mail (if there is no email address on file)

Note that your certificate will also be available in your  Secure Space . In addition, the content of your tax certificate is automatically completed in your tax return. You can consult your tax certificate at any time via TAX-ON-WEB. Do not hesitate to go to your  Secure Area  to check if your details are up to date. 

The tax deduction concerns the service vouchers purchased, and not only those used. The amount of the reduction depends on the place of your main residence (as registered in the Population Register) on 1 January of the year following the purchase of the service vouchers.

As a “simple” user established in the Brussels-Capital Region, you benefit from:

  • a tax reduction of €1.50 /service voucher;
  • on the first 163 service vouchers purchased per person per fiscal year.
  • A service voucher of €10 therefore only costs you €8.50 after the tax reduction.

Are you married or living together in the Brussels-Capital Region? You can benefit from:

  • both from the same tax reduction (€1.50/service voucher),
  • on the first 163 service checks that you each buy in your own name.
  • To do this, you and your partner must each have a Pluxee user number.

Would you like to know more about the annual volume of orders authorized according to your situation? Discover our annual quota page. To find out if you have reached the limit of deductible service vouchers , Track your orders via your Secure Space .

A tax reduction applies in principle to the tax for which you are liable. How then to benefit from a tax reduction if you do not pay any or too little? In these cases, the tax reduction is fully or partially converted into a refundable tax credit. Instead of subtracting the reduction from the amount of your taxes, the amount equivalent to this reduction is directly refunded to you. To benefit from this refund, attach the Sodexo tax certificate to your tax return. If you do not receive a tax slip, contact your local tax office. For more information, contact the FPS Finances on 02/572.57.57 (normal rate).

  • Home cleaning (windows included) 
  • Laundry and ironing 
  • Mending clothes to be ironed 
  • Meal preparation 

It is forbidden to use service vouchers to pay for activities other than those mentioned above. You cannot therefore use them for cleaning of professional premises, repairs, works or alterations, for upholstering, painting or garden maintenance, nor for the care of children, the elderly or the sick, etc.

Service vouchers exist in two forms: in paper version or in electronic version. Both have the same value and validity, but the electronic version may be more convenient. Same validity, same value. Both types of service vouchers are valid for 6 months and have a value of €10 for the first 300 vouchers, and €12 for the next 200 vouchers.

It’s up to you to choose the format you prefer to use, but the electronic service voucher has several advantages:

  • Simplicity – services can be validated in one click.
  • Ease of management – no risk of error or omission when filling in the service voucher.
  • Speed – the service vouchers ordered are available more quickly.
  • Security – no risk of loss or theft.

Yes, we sign contract agreements with all our clients, after a 2-week testing period. Contracts are flexible and can be ended by a 4-week written notice.

Please notify us as soon as possible by email. We are flexible and the cleaning service will be suspended free of charge. We can always continue the cleaning service after your return.

We follow the GDPR convention, we are very strict in handling the personal information of our clients. Together with the contract, we also sign a GDPR convention with each client, where everything is explained in detail. We never transmit personal details to third parties, except when it’s necessary to comply with Belgian authorities for audit and control purposes.

There are different procedures for people in possession of special ID cards, depending on the type of the ID card. Please contact us and we will provide all necessary information based on your profile and the type of ID card.

  • In Brussels, the original price is €10 per hour, but you pay only €8,50 per hour, after tax deduction for the first 163 hours/vouchers
  • In Flanders, the original price is €9 per hour, but you pay only €7,20 per hour, after tax deduction for the first 174 hours/vouchers
  • In Wallonia, the original price is €10 per hour, you pay only €9 per hour, after tax deduction for the first 150 hours/vouchers

Brussels: 6 months

Flanders: 12 months

Wallonia: 8 months

A single user can purchase a maximum 300 vouchers at the price of €10 per voucher and a maximum of 200 vouchers at the price of €12 per voucher.

A family or a household can purchase a maximum of 600 vouchers at the price of €10 per voucher and a maximum of 400 vouchers at the price of €12 per voucher.

After registering with Sodexo (for more information about registration please visit the relevant section of our website), you can either purchase vouchers through your electronic user portal or simply make a bank transfer from your personal bank account. Users need to insert their 12-digit client number as a structured message and transfer an amount, divisible by 10 (for example €100 for 10 vouchers), to one of the following Sodexo bank accounts:

Brussels-Capital Region: BE28 0017 7246 3620

Flemish Region: BE41 0017 7246 2610

Walloon Region: BE15 0017 7247 4330

You can contact Sodexo at the following numbers:

  • 02/401 31 60 (Brussels Capital Region)
  • 02/401 31 30 (Flemish Region)
  • 02/401 31 70 (Walloon Region)

No, this is strictly forbidden and illegal. Service vouchers are personal and are issued on your name, so it’s not allowed to transfer or distribute them to third parties.

No, it is not allowed for the housekeep to reside at the same address as the client. In addition, it’s forbidden to hire family members up to the second degree to clean your home.

You can always ask for a refund via your electronic user portal. Sodexo will reimburse you the amount of the vouchers, as long as they are still valid and have not yet expired.

Your can change your address or the format of your vouchers (paper or electronic) via your electronic user portal.

No, all clients are responsible for providing the suitable cleaning equipment and cleaning products. We always advice using ecological cleaning products. It’s advisable to discuss with your cleaning lady the materials she needs in order to provide a professional service.

Our staff is experienced and well trained. However, as a client of SMART Cleaning, you need to follow some rules, in order to guarantee the safety of our employees, this is our top priority. It is forbidden to ask them the following:

  • A housekeeper is not allowed to perform dangerous or unhealthy tasks, such as cleaning high windows, washing the ceiling or moving heavy furniture, trash bags or carpets
  • It is forbidden to work on a ladder, for example for cleaning windows. The use of a very stable stepladder, equipped with three non-slip steps and a handrail, for the normal maintenance of the windows, is authorised;
  • Cleaning the outside of windows if they do not open inwards, except those on the ground floor, is prohibited;
  • The use of chlorine or ammonia based products is prohibited, such as bleach and Dettol
  • Outdoor cleaning work in difficult weather conditions (rain, snow, too cold or extreme heat) is prohibited;
  • Any services requiring expertise that goes beyond that which can be expected of a normally prudent and diligent person who performs tasks of a household nature; 
  • The housekeeper is entitled to refuse any insecure task;
  • In the event of imminent danger, the housekeeper may leave the workplace;

SMART Cleaning follows all government measures in the context of the health crisis related to the Covid pandemic. The safety of our staff and clients is our top priority, so we adapt our health procedures based on the latest changes and updates from the government. Whenever possible, we try to avoid or reduce to a minimum the physical contact between our staff and clients. In any case, a physical distance of at least 2 meters is required between our staff and clients.

Our most important assets are our employees. Are you interested in providing cleaning and domestic services in Brussels, Flanders and/or Wallonia? We offer employment with:

  • Regular indexed income
  • Paid holidays
  • Retirement contribution
  • Occupational accidents insurance
  • Reimbursement of transportation costs
  • Food vouchers after 1 year of service
  • Jobs with flexible contracts with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 38 hours per week.
  • Are you interested in this type of job?
  • Do you need more information about the job?
  • Are you ready to start working with us?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us.