Smart Cleaning

Green cleaning

“Allergies are the most prevalent chronic diseases in Europe. Allergies to airborne substances have been growing steadily over the past few decades and this trend is far from ending. This is especially true for children, who show a higher incidence of allergic diseases. If this continues, 40% of the European population will present an allergic predisposition by the year 2040. The reasons for this steady increase, however, remain unclear. ”


Green cleaning refers to using health-conscious cleaning techniques and products with environmentally friendly ingredients. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products causing respiratory and dermatological problems. Green cleaning is all about providing a healthier indoor living environment. However, green cleaning is not just about providing a cleaning service once a week, it is about creating a mind-set why to sustain a living environment a healthier place. 

We promote, give information and further educate our customers, as well as ourselves, for the newest methods and service improvements in the green cleaning sector. Homes are switching to green cleaning practices in order to protect their families and pets from toxic chemicals, allergens and dangerous fumes. In case you feel you want to know more about the topic, please contact us and we shall send you detailed information on recommended cleaning detergents and good practices to follow at home.