Smart Cleaning


What is titres-service?

The service voucher system is a method of payment subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region. It allows any adult resident in the Brussels-Capital Region to benefit from services at advantageous prices. The service vouchers system offers people a convenient way to use a number of home services by purchasing service vouchers. One service voucher pays for one hour of work. Currently the service vouchers are being managed by Pluxee.

What is the price?

If you are a “simple” user, you can order a maximum of 500 service vouchers per calendar year and you will pay for them:

  • €10 for the first 300 ordered.
  • €12 for the next 200.

If you buy service vouchers as a household (your household includes all the people registered at your address), you can order a maximum of 1,000 vouchers per calendar year and you will pay for them:

  • €10 for the first 600 ordered.
  • €12 for the next 400.

This is valid regardless of the member of your household who orders the service vouchers.

How to register

If you wish to take advantage of the service voucher system, you must be registered in Pluxee system. To do this, simply register by creating your account (Register online). You can then manage your checks and your personal data at any time from your Secure Area, or even easier: via the mobile application Titres-Services Bruxelles! 

Order electronic service vouchers

Order your electronic service vouchers in a few clicks via your Secure Space or via the mobile application Titres-Services Bruxelles. It is also possible to order your vouchers by simple transfer to the Pluxee bank account, via your service voucher portal or via the banking application of your personal bank: 

  • Transfer the total value of the service vouchers you wish to order
  • Order your vouchers: minimum 10 per order
  • Make the transfer to the Pluxee bank account for the Brussels Region BE28 0017 7246 3620, with your Pluxee user number (12 digits, starting by 190) in a structured communication
  • Do not order too many service vouchers to prevent them from expiring, vouchers are valid for 6 months
  • For example: if you would like to order 10 service vouchers worth €10, you will have to make a transfer of €100 (10 x €10) to the Pluxee bank account BE28 0017 7246 3620 with your user number in a structured message.

Your electronic service vouchers will be made available to you in your electronic wallet upon receipt of your payment, this could take up to 2 business days. Check the balance of your service vouchers at any time via the Pluxee mobile application or via your Secure Space .

Schedule your cleaning services in Brussels

Once you have successfully registered with Pluxee you can schedule your first cleaning service in Brussels by contacting us. In your request, please indicate your exact address, preferred days/hours of cleaning as well as the languages you speak.

Confirm the service

  • After the cleaning service is performed by the housekeeper, you don’t have much more to do. It is the housekeeper (or exceptionally the approved company) who encodes the service (which can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Of course, the approved company checks and validates the information of the encoded service. 
  • You will then receive a notification inviting you to confirm or dispute the service (in the event of no response within 5 days, it will be automatically confirmed).  
  • Once you have confirmed the service, the exact quantity of electronic service vouchers is automatically withdrawn from your electronic wallet in order to proceed with the payment (provided that the balance of your wallet is sufficient). If not, you are prompted to fund your wallet by purchasing service vouchers.
It shows how easy it is to contact us if one is in a need of home cleaning services.

What are your tax benefits?

Is your main address (as registered in the Population Register) located in the Brussels-Capital Region? As a “simple” user or as a household, you benefit from a tax reduction of €1.50/service voucher on your first 163 service vouchers. Instead of €10 each, you will therefore only pay €8.50 in the end! Learn all about our tax deduction in our FAQ section.