Sodexo Registration

Why Sodexo?


The Sodexo service vouchers offers people a convenient way to purchase and use a number of home services. 1 service vouchers = 1 hour of work. The scope of the services for which one could pay with the vouchers is limited by the government and it allows for the following activities:

  • home cleaning, including windows
  • laundry and ironing
  • mending linen ironing
  • meal preparation
  • shopping

The amount of time needed to provide our services depends on various factors. For example, for providing a cleaning service we have to take into account the size of the apartment (sq. meters), the amount of furniture in the apartment, the amount of windows (if you want us to clean them on a regular basis), and other factors. Usually, home cleaning service is provided between 2 and 4 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we could arrange a visitation and calculate your time/costs for our services.





From 1 January 2016, the purchase price of a service voucher continues to be € 9 for the first 400 service vouchers per person or the first 800 service vouchers per household per calendar year. The price remains €10 for each additional service voucher. For every calendar year, 500 service vouchers is the maximum number that a person could use and for a household it is 1000 service vouchers per year.The redemption value for the service vouchers is now 1,35 EUR for the first 155 service vouchers per person. Meaning that for 2016 one household consisting of 2 employed may purchase:


  • 310 service vouchers x 7,65 EUR (the purchase price is 9 EUR, after tax redemption = 7,65 EUR)
  • 490 service vouchers x 9 EUR
  • 200 vouchers x 10 EUR



Did You Know That ...

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By sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of your trashcan you can eliminate the stink smells?

Banana peels can clean silver items and polish leather shoes?

Ingredients with high acute toxicity include chlorine bleach and ammonia, which produce fumes that are highly irritating to eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and should not be used by people

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